Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Republic of Rockistan

So let's have a contest.

It's called: Who is Going to Have the Rockin-est Evening?

And it's already over because I win. You may think that my week reached it's rockin'est peak on Sunday with the Arcade Fire show. But you are w-r-o-n-g with a curlicue at the end.

Because my people, I scored tickets to tonight's gala ONE NIGHT ONLY performance at the Kennedy Center of "Melodies and Songs of the Kazakh Steppes."

Do not ask me how I got seats. And how, amazingly, I got really good seats, like close enough to probably get sweat on me when the conductor of the State Orchestra of Folk swings his arm wide for a crescendo of Siberian folk MAGIC. Let's just say I have diplomatic connections and leave it at that. Oh my god, if they play Sarzhailau, I will DIE.

And who's my lucky date? Who else. Eat your hearts out, gents!!!


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