Wednesday, March 30, 2005


So the other night, before the below-mentioned crash, I was updating my wee l'il blogroll so that it wouldn't just be a popularity contest of my close and personals. Might as well 'fess up to my RSS feed and get some of those folks posted. But I paused after trying out the heading, "Strangers With Candy," because the proprieter of Drunken Bee, isn't precisely a stranger, as such, per se. She's the scrumptiously adorable wife of this schmo who was my next-door neighbor when growing up. Ed, the neighbor son in question, was a gifted and peculiar chap, the sort that seemed equally likely to cure multiple sclerosis as rally a posse of suburban Dallas anarcho-syndicalists. I don't know. I just wanted to say anarcho-syndicalist. Regardless, he landed a rad chick and if you haven't seen this blog, you must visit it at once and you'll not regret it. I recommend starting here, a post which caused me to unkindly wake up sleeping partners with snorting guffaws on my second read, it's so damn funny. Anyway I've been a secret voyeur on her site, sort of shuffling about the edges and hesitating to introduce myself properly. So, uh, if you follow your trackbacks: Hi Sarah! Thanks for the Christmas card! I've got some great Ed blackmail photos!


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