Friday, May 13, 2005

Viva la Revolucion

Alright. When Serbia booted Milosevic, I wasn't really paying much attention to world events, as it was my junior year of college and I was probably drunk.

When Georgia brought down Shevardnadze, I didn't see it coming, and also incorrectly predicted massive violence.

When Ukraine ousted Yushchenko. Okay; I saw that a mile away but everybody else did too.

When Kyrgyzstan shuffled off Akaev, (despite all the chatter nowadays at all the what-happened-in-Kyrgyzstan roundtables in which everyone embarrassingly tries to pass off their perceptive hindsight as foresight) nobody saw that coming.

So now there's unrest and protests in Uzbekistan, and although it doesn't look like too much, I'm tired of being the doubting Nancy behind the curve. So listen up, people. I'm kicking down the domino. Karimov is going down in 2 weeks. You heard it here first. (This post will self-destruct upon non-realization of the preceding prediction).


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