Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Bored

Trolling for advice, I am.

At the end of this month, I'm doing the 20+ hour drive from DC to Texas, and I'm scouting my audiobook options early. Last time I did this drive, I went for Confederates in the Attic, and was completely satisfied. Entertaining, easy to follow while driving, and geographically relevant to boot. That's what I'm looking for. Not the best book ever, but a book that maximizes goodness with ease of listening, such that my mind will be engaged and I won't accidentally veer off track and slam my car into Dollywood en route. I don't think it's really the time to delve into the classics: fresh, modern prose is generally easier to follow on the road than the dense language of the more memorable writers. To calibrate the scale: Count of Monte Cristo or Confederacy of Dunces would be excellent driving books, had I not already read them. Ulysses, not so much, despite any other merits.

After browsing the audio selections, here are my leading contenders:
The Plot Against America (been meaning to read it, heard good things)
The Things They Carried (ditto)
Into Thin Air (not very jazzed about this one, but it probably keeps your attention?)
Killer Angels (Historical, gripping account of Gettysburg, which I just visited)
Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot (already read Lying Liars)

I'd kind of prefer something that had geographical relevance to the Southland, as that's where I'll be driving, but it's not a requirement. Equally amenable to fiction/nonfiction/history/memoirs. Any thoughts on those contenders, or other suggestions? (Must be available on audio, unless you want to call me and read me a 20-hour story while I drive).


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