Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kat Fight

Okay I'm going to try my hand at a little internet argot: Brooke Shields is teh awesome. Is that right?
Here's why. Tom Cruise on Brooke Shield's post-natal depression:
In keeping with the precepts of Scientology, [Tom] Cruise, who condemns modern psychiatry and mind-altering prescriptions of any kind, said Shields should have used 'vitamins and exercise' instead. 'I care about Brooke Shields because I think she is an incredibly talented women, [but] look at where her career has gone,' he said.

Shields, who is enjoying a career resurgence, both on Broadway and as the author of a book about postnatal depression, retorted that Cruise, 'should stick to saving the world from aliens and let women suffering the condition decide what treatment options are best for them'. She then offered Cruise and Holmes two tickets - one adult for him, one child for her - to her London production of Chicago.


[via openbrackets]


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