Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My kingdom for a camera cord

Well, I just drove in from Austin and boy are my arms tired!

I still need a day or two to come off my joy overload from our whirlwind tour through Never-Neverland before I start the vacation show-and-tell. I was sorely tempted to chain myself to the breakfast taco place this morning because I knew that when I sopped up the last little greasy drip of carne guisada, we'd have to hit the road and leave. Also, all my stories require photographic evidence (don't worry comrades! not those photos!) and my cord is in D.C. So Austin tales will have to wait.

Instead, I'll turn my attention to my favorite part of DC: crack-dealin' Joe, upon whose activities I've received urgent new intelligence. Recent sightings suggest that our audacious hero has scored himself a girlfriend! Or so I gather from the reporting of my friend, who was passing by Joe's house as, per usual, somebody was pounding on the door hollering his name. And when the door-opened, it wasn't Joe at all! No, indeed! It was a woman answering, standing buck-naked, with a broom in hand. You know, maybe Joe's taking his cues from Neil Young these days, and the good Lord knows that that man needs a maid. Still, it just warms my crusty old bitter heart to see that Joe can find freaky love at his ripe old age.


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