Sunday, July 17, 2005

My Summer Vacashun

On my summer vacation, I visited the city of Austin, TX. Austin is the capital of Texas, which is the 28th state to join the union. Texas' state flower is the Bluebonnet and its nickname is the Lone Star State. In my opinion, Austin is a very fun and beautiful city!

In Austin, you can have breakfast in many places, even sitting outside! The average high temperature in Austin in July is 95 degrees. Ow, that's hot! When you have breakfast in Austin, they will bring you chips and salsa before you even order. How funny! Also, they put fans and lights in the trees even though you are outside. Austin is a very silly city.

In Austin, music is a very important pasttime. Austin's nickname is the "Live Music Capital of the World," which is a whole lot of music!! They will even name bars after favorite musicians. There once was a musician named Johnny Cash and he is very popular in Austin, so they took a chainsaw shop and turned into a tribute bar to Johnny Cash. I want a tribute bar one day!

When it gets very hot in Austin, you can go swimming in a place called Barton Springs. It is like a giant swimming pool, except it's real lake water and the bottom is rocks and it's all slippery with moss. It stays the same temperature all year round and it was really cold! Brrr!

Austin is a silly city not just because they hang funny things from trees, but because there are really funny people there! Just sitting in the grass by Barton Springs was a man who made big funny hats, and a strange man with long hair playing an instrument, and a dirty man with curly hair doing funny stretchy poses! Ha ha! I laughed a whole lot.

The city of Austin has 26.2% Hispanics, and my Dad says it's probably even more because we can't count them all! This means a lot of really yummy food from the Land of Mexico. Ow, it was hot!

And they say everything is bigger in Texas. This is also true for the pretty yellow drink that makes Mommy yell funny things.

Finally, I learned about economics. Different things can cost different when you go to another city! In the city of Austin, it's that things cost less. Sometimes they cost so much less that people start to act very silly! But that's okay because Austin is a silly place.

This man said that a pitcher is LOTS more than a pint, and in Washington, DC, a pint (the smaller one) costs as much as a WHOLE PITCHER (the bigger one) does in Austin! And then he started acting kind of strange and so I went away.

In conclusion, I had a very fun time in Austin, Texas. One day, maybe you can go there too!!


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