Monday, September 05, 2005

Domestic Bliss

This is frustrating. I'm brimming with stories to tell and thoughts to think out loud, but the hour here and there in the odd internet cafe isn't conducive to my blogging. It's not that i require silence or peace, but I think i must require work that needs avoiding. When the purpose of a given chunk of time is to sit and fart around on the computer, well, my muse flees.

But! I called the DSL company today and they claim they'll come to my apartment tomorrow or Wednesday to connect me. Fool that I am, I believe them. Then we'll be back in business, my friends.

So yes, I have found myself an apartment. It's probably a little too big for little ol' me. I was starstruck by how far my US Dollar could go, and only on my first night in cavernous throbbing silence did I realize that something more cozy might have been wise, with regard to loneliness. Also, the plastic 2-litre bottle of soda that i bought for a dollar turned out to be a plastic 2-litre bottle of beer, and that was all that sat in my frat-boy fridge that night so dinner was fizzy. (It's very funny to me that i made this purchase at, like, 9 am. Unbeknownst to me I'd revealed myself as an ill-bred young lady by sticking my head into the corner store early in the morn and demanded from the old lady a box of detergent and a GIANT BEER, NOW.)

Well at least she probably won't try to wed me to her son, unlike my landlady Khatuna. (We can only communiate in Russian, which worries me a touch because she was explaining important things around the house involving turning off gas lines and activating water heaters. Either for two hours, or after two hours? Who can say?) Khatuna and I were shooting the breeze when she put her hand on mine and told me I as a nice girl and she has a son, unmarried, very big and tall. Oh, what a shame, I murmured as I waggled my utterly fake engagement ring in her face. I have a fiance. He'll be coming after some months. The fake ring, by the way, has been the greatest idea ever. I mean, yes, Kriston broke out into hives when he spied it, but he's not going to have to look at it for a while.

Aside from being too big, though, my apartment has the advantage of two balconies, one of which is laden in actual grape-bearing grapevines. I mean, you can go to your porch and pick breakfast off a vine. Nature, man. Wow.

On the down side, again, I think I have fleas.

You win some, you lose some.


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