Thursday, October 06, 2005

Getting to Know You

It's so hard to suss out the complex faculty-student relationships of academia. I enlisted Kriston's input via Instant Messenger.

Me: so here's an interesting ethical question: if I'm taking a bath* with a professor's girlfriend tomorrow, does that mean I can be excused from writing the essay for his class that I'm auditing?
Him: yup. you're going to see her naked?
Me: yup
Him: pfft. you're done with essays
Me: right?
Him: totally
Me: good. because here was my opening line, which I find hilarious:

"Unsurprisingly, Karl Deutsch and Stalin approach the concept of nations from entirely different conceptual frameworks."

Him: "It should be noted that Adolph Hitler and Dr. Spock employed different criteria for evaluating worth in society."

This could be the greatest game ever.

*This really ought to be left without explanation, but we're talking, you know, recreational public Turkish-style baths, with which Tbilisi is blessed.


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