Thursday, February 23, 2006

News to me

Forgive me if everybody already knew about this, but I just stumbled on Stanford University's free iTunes offerings (courtesy of my pal Laoser).

From their iTunes "store" you can download faculty lectures, author interviews, visiting lectures, recordings of panel discussions, etc. They need to add dates and short descriptions of the lectures (I'm pretty sure I'd like whatever "American Jesus" is about, but a little hint would be nice), but this is a pretty fantastic resource and may help wean me off my IV drip of NPR podcasts.

So far I've downloaded a couple Larry Diamond lectures on democracy and on the Iraq occupation, a discussion of race, class, and disaster in the wake of Katrina, Christopher Hitchens spluttering on about something-or-other, an interview with Michael Chabon, and I just got started. Good for Stanford for opening this up to the public, free of charge.


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