Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Revolution Starts Now

So, supposin' that over here in Tbilisi, threes, nay fours of lonely democrats have undergone a metamorphosis of sorts. We've gone from bitching about the Bush administration to our computer screens, to bitching about Bush over beers, to incorporating ourselves into a highly disciplined attack force keen on tilting the balance of the '06 midterm elections from overseas. Just what plays well in Peoria, we know.

Well, the idea is to adopt a race, and I'm looking for some input. Our numbers our few, our abilities are paltry, but we could probably do some moderate fundraising and letter-writing campaigns. So we're looking for a race that fits the following criteria: small state (so that our modest fundraising could actually be of some use), tight race, a decent D candidate if at all possible. Whether it's an incumbent that's in danger or a promising challenger makes no difference, I think. House or Senate is fine; obviously chances of flipping the House leadership are pretty slim but changing the balance is still worthwhile. If there's anything at all fitting this description in the state of Georgia, that would be marvelous, but I rather think not.

Yglesias gave me the inside scoop about the hot senate campaigns, but we don't necessarily have to go high-profile. Also! We seek clever t-shirt ideas that relate democrats and u.s. politics and the nation of Georgia. I'm drawing on the old Pub Quiz team naming skills but still coming up short. I'm sure there's a play on words somewhere with Caucus and Caucasus but I'm not quite getting it. (But it *does* remind me of the apex of our Pub Quiz team-naming days when we won Best Name, just after the Democratic convention, with Erik's brilliant suggestion of "Reporting for Booty." Don't make me explain it people, it wasn't so long ago.)

So my politically minded brethren, any ideas?


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