Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sisyphus University

Questions posed by me in class today that were met with blank stares and silence unbroken until I answered them myself:

What is the name of the war we are studying?
(correct answer: Vietnam)

What was the name of the black civil rights leader whose "I have a dream" speech you were just tested on?

What was the type of government of North Vietnam?
...Okay, they were friends with the Soviet Union, so what do you think?
Okay, what type of government was the Soviet Union?
Not democratic, but....? Not democratic or fascist, but...?

Can you name a holiday for me that people celebrate in Georgia?

How are you?

And, the single most successful question in my teaching career to date for provoking lively discussions:
"Did ya'll know Britney Spears is pregnant again?"


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