Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beating the Clock

The elegant farewell-to-Georgia post that was fermenting in my brain is just going to have to wait until I reach Amsterdam airport and its sweet, sweet, wireless internet connection. I have to go return my DSL modem to the internet company and then do something about all this junk lying around my house instead of inside my overstuffed, overweight suitcases.

Among the items I shall attempt to bring into America:
  • 3 liters of Georgian wine made by a monk and only this morning ladled out of the clay pot where it was aging
  • Smoked cheese made by monks
  • Fresh, homemade sunflower oil
  • Tkemali - that special tangy-sweet plum sauce that goes great with pork
  • The spicy Megrelian tomato sauce my Georgian teacher's mother made for me
  • Churchkhela - the tasty but weird-looking grape-and-nuts on a string contraption
Let's see what the FDA has to say about all that! 12 hours until take off. I have a lot to do.


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