Friday, November 03, 2006

Terrible Music Fridays!!

The way I see it, somebody around here has to do the dirty work and counteract all the fine and inspired music recommendations offered by those in the know. They give you forgotten favorites and undiscovered gems? I give you...


Please, no need for thanks. If I can be your source for terrible Russian pop, that is thanks enough.

How to describe the agony and the ecstasy that is Blestyashie? (It means "Shining" or, like "The Shiny Ones"). Like all Terrible Russian Pop, they feature repetitive unoriginal beats, heavy-handed production, general yowling of inanities, and lots of gratuitous flesh. And I love it.

It was not always so. Their blockbuster single Vostochnaya Skazka (An Eastern Tale) was all the rage in Tbilisi last year, so I heard it about 800 times, scowling and sneering all the while. But then, right around the 801st listen...the started tapping. The throat, humming. Well, I slippery sloped it all the way down and now I listen to Blestyashie while tooling around town on my bike (like I'm in some kind of bizarro world Wes Anderson in Moscow movie).

So, feast your eyes and ears upon Vostochnaya Skazka, (feat. Arash, who is apparently some Persian popstar that can be trained into speaking some Russian). And despite the slutty get-ups, these girls are empowered! Sort of. At one point in the lyrics, Arash says, says "Hey beautiful girl, I really like you. I already have three wives but you can be the fourth." Then the girls are all, "Look dear, I already have 5 husbands. I love them all, but if you want, you can be the sixth." Devushka power! (I swear, listen to it 800 times, you'll looooove it).


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