Monday, December 18, 2006


Apropos of the previous post, I have a chance to go to Albania in January for a week, and I can't decide if I should do it. I know, this is a ridiculous problem. Bear with me. On the one hand: January in Albania! I've been such a gloomy gus for ages now and nothing perks me up like faraway climes (and frequent flyer miles). On the other: it'll bring me back the very day that spring semester classes begin, I'll have to leave Texas a few days early, and retake an oral core exam that I'd miss. Also, Catherine would probably crucify me for missing her birthday. These are all fine reasons for not going, and probably I should not go. But oh, the wanderlust, the itchy feet. [dramatic sigh; eyes gaze pitiably into the middle distance]

Guess I'll ponder it on the flight back to Texas this evening. That's right, I'm riding off into the sunset and touching down in the homeland. New Year's Eve in Shanri-La (that's Austin for the uninitiated). Yeeha, ya'll!


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