Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vivisection Saturdays!

This morning I got a call from my dearest childhood friend Clarissa, previously introduced in these pages as the Ringwraith and "Flossie the Freaky Bitch."

Clarissa wants to know, will I go with her to the museum when I come to Dallas for the holidays? Why sure, Clarissa, what's showing?

Well, says Clarissa, they took a bunch of human bodies and dissected them and posed them. They're all preserved and plumped up, somehow, she said. And they posed one dude as a basketball player so you can see how his muscles work. And one is a pregnant woman and you can see the fetus inside of her. [pause] I guess that one's kind of controversial, Clarissa allowed.

Nobody wants to go with me, she grumps.

And neither do I. I'm not so enamored of muscle groups in action that I really want to gawk at a bunch of skinned and flayed human bodies posed about in a gruesome macabre zombie nightmare freakshow of a science exhibit put together by a German doctor, of all inappropriate nationalities. I can only imagine that this is going over like gangbusters in Dallas.


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