Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Such Sweet Sorrow

Oh God, did I seriously start crying when I drove away from Austin this afternoon? Oh yes. Yes I did. What the hell is wrong with me? Some theories follow.

a) I have become a psychotic crybaby. I am a few hormonal shifts away from turning into my mother, who cries when Lee Greenwood sings that he is proud to be an American.
b) Austin rush hour, which apparently begins at 4pm
c) My Nintendo Wii arm is still sore from knocking Justin out cold on his ass. In Round One.
d) Lingering heartburn from having outrageously good queso and tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And brunch. And linner.
e) My dancing feet still hurt from a barn-burnin' New Year's Eve and the post-party limping around downtown barefoot, but for socks pilfered straight off the feet of the aforementioned sparring partner.
f) Because leaving Austin sometimes feel like that part of the movie when Dorothy comes back to Kansas from Oz, and all the lovely super-saturated colors and lollipop-bearing munchkins and jolly singing companions switch to black-and-white and dust and a lot of old people hovering around. If this strikes you as rhetorical overkill, it is because you do not yet know that my original metaphor was going to be the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. So this is me being restrained and subtle. Remind me again why I don't drop out of school and while away my days slinging coffee grinds for a living?


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